Other Shit

Here are some other websites I enjoy, in no particular order:

Dinosaur Dracula – Incisive and highly entertaining reflections on late 80’s/early 90’s pop culture by Matt.

The West Virginia Surf Report – Incisive and highly entertaining reflections on becoming a curmudgeon, by Jeff Kay.

Last Plane to Jakarta – Now-defunct blog filled with hilarious, beautiful, honest, and though-provoking poetry by the incomparable John Darnielle.

25 Years Later – More pop culture stuff. I visit primarily for the Twin Peaks-related articles.

Serious Eats – When I want to learn something about a particluar food or cooking technique, this is always my first stop.

Stay Heavy – My other blog, which I am not currently updating, but which still has a lot of stuff on that I like, and that you might like, too.

Encycolpaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives – Shitloads of info on metal bands, albums, and songs. Not a perfect resource, but still invaluable.