No Longer Just Fartsy

After many years, a few false starts, and plenty of my patented Talking About It All the Time But Never Doing Anything to Progress the Situation Along (patent pending), I finally bought myself a nice camera. Up to now, the fanciest camera I’ve owned was an HP point and shoot, and while it took surprisingly good pictures, I’ve always wanted a nice camera, like with interchangeable lenses and all. A quick shout out to my better half, Mrs. Circlepit, for encouranging me all these years to just shut up and buy a goddamn camera, already. (Note: those were never her exact words.)

And I did shut up and buy a goddamn camera, already, and I’m enjoying it very much! I got a Lumix GX85, and it came with a 45-150 mm lens in addition to the 12-32 mm kit lens. I also got a macro 30 mm lens, and I’m very excited about that one. I dont really know what I’m doing yet, but I’m enjoying the process of learning, and that’s very exciting. For the most part, when it comes to skills, I’ve never been a huge fan of the learning process. It’s why I don’t play a musical instrument, or draw, or paint (I want to know how to do all those things, but I have no interest whatsoever in learning to do them well).

Anyhoo, here are a few pictures I ‘ve made over the past few days. I kinda like these. Maybe you will, too. Unless you don’t like birds. If you don’t like birds, you won’t like most of these pictures. I’m writing a thing about my other new-ish Old Man Circlepit obssession – i.e., birding – for posting here soon-ish. If you don’t like birds I have to assume you won’t care about that, either, but if you do like birds, and looking at picures of them, well, buddy you’re in for a…”treat” doesn’t seem like quite the right word…good time? Eh, I’ll fix it in post. Without further ado…

This is one of the first pictures I took, through my front blinds like a creep because I didn’t wanna scare the birds away. That’s an American goldfinch and a tufted titmouse, by the way.
Red-bellied woodpecker. Look at this pretty motherfucker.
[Insert heart-googly-eye emoji.]
Earlybirds (robins), lookin for worms. I learned recently that their scientific name is turdus migratorius, and I’ve been giggling about it ever since.
This li’l turdus seems sad.
Prolly ’cause this li’l turdus is a yell-talker.
“Monday Mourning” is my official Pretentious Artsy Title for this one. They’re mourning doves, see, and I took this picture on a Monday morning. It’s clever!
First pic with the macro 30 mm lens. It makes me think of that The Bouncing Souls song “That Song” (“I put that needle on the record, and played that song again.”). Even though “that song” in this case, was “Bullion” by Millencollin. I love both of those songs so much.
My mom made this stained glass piece. I like it very much.
My friend Baylee (IG: @howdyhaus) made this doofy lookin li’l guy, and I planted some kind of aloe or aloe-like substance in it and put it on the windowsill above the kitchen sink, and then one day I made a kinda cool-looking picture of it with my macro 30 mm lens with flash. The End.

Like I said, there’ll be more. Feel free to check back in and follow along on my learning journey, and tell a friend if you think they might give a shit. Oh, and if you have any advice, tips, or recommendations for blogs or other websites that might be useful, feel free to pass them on. Thanks for reading, and for looking!

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