Don’t You…Forget About Me…

‘Sup? Here’s a thing I wrote almost 5 years ago, for my other, more neglected blog, Stay Heavy. I like it. Maybe you’ll like it, maybe you won’t. I’m not the boss of you…

Regardless of whether you liked that or not (or whether you even read that or not), I’ll be back here soon. Come back and check it out. Or don’t. I’m not the boss of you.

If you enjoy the things I write, feel free to tell your friends. It’s not like I’m gonna tell them. I probably don’t even know them, but even if I do, I feel weird talking about myself, even right now.

You can also feel free to follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Fuck Twitter, though. Twitter is bullshit.

Clockwise Circlepit

Stay Heavy Blog

Seriously though, Twitter is bullshit. What kind of monster can say all they need to say about a thing in 280 characters or less? Not even 280 words, but 280 fucking characters?! And don’t even get me fucking started on Twitter threads. If you have that much to say, FUCKING PICK A FUCKING DIFFERENT FUCKING METHOD THAN FUCKING BULLSHIT FUCKING TWITTER!


Anyway, visit again soon, won’t you? Maybe I’ll talk about G.I. Joe until you regret calling on me. Maybe I’ll blab about some obscure punk/emo band from 1999 until you question your decision to drop in. Maybe I’ll go on about Sanford and Son, and you’ll realize how fucking hilarious that show was (and still is!). Maybe I’ll share my feelings and make us all feel awkward.

But do what you want, I’m not the boss of you.

Open this fucking pit up!

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